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• General foot care

• Neuropathy

• Dry / cracked feet

• Care of thick toenails

• Foot and ankle pain

• Corns and calluses

• Fungal toenails

Your feet have taken you a long way throughout your life. Don't lose your activity level now due to foot problems!


Make an appointment today for a checkup. We'll help you address common concerns such as diabetic care, proper footwear, and pain. There's no reason for you to suffer - call today!

Protect your mobility by calling Dr. Geovjian today!

House calls available

upon request.



Find caring treatment for senior concerns.

Imagine being able to walk without expecting pain or even being concerned about it. With Dr. Geovjian's services, this could be a reality for you!


Whether you need foot inspections due to your unique needs or just for your annual checkup, Dr. Geovjian has you covered.

You deserve to live without foot pain.

If your body is telling you something hurts, you should listen and see a qualified professional as soon as possible. We accept many insurance plans and provide caring housecalls for your convenience. Call us now at 610-622-2818 to schedule your appointment.

Don't drag your feet when there could be a problem!

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