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• Wound care

• Corns and calluses

• Nail and fungus problems

• Foot and ankle ulcers

• Foot and ankle infections

• Diabetic neuropathy

• Diabetic shoes referrals

• Wound prevention

Regular Podiatric care is essential to protecting your feet. Do you have neuropathy, too? You're already at an elevated risk for developing infections that might lead to an amputation.


Don't let that happen to you! Let us give you the advice and care you need to handle your diabetes.

Protect your feet from the worst effects of diabetes!

We do house calls!

Call us today!



Get expert care when you need it.

When you have diabetes, you have to pay special attention to any irregularities on your feet. Get help right away to prevent the problem from becoming worse!


Take advantage of our convenient daytime and evening appointments. We know you can't wait - call us now.

Your feet can't wait - get help now!

You can trust a Podiatrist with over 20 years of experience serving the feet of Delaware County. Having diabetes puts you at high risk for ulcers, infections, and gangrene, and you deserve quality treatment from an experienced Podiatrist. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

Your feet are in good hands.

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